Who are Beat-IT?

USA most trusted software license provider!

Beat-IT is a part of a family of companies with years of background experience in software license reselling, providing email and software provision, and web hosting.

We are confident that we can offer you the best product at a competitive price.

Our vision

“We understand that businesses depend on the choice of product and cost-effectiveness. Leave the endless spendings on software services behind.

Beat-IT is here to promote your company’s progress hands-on and add better value of your products and services.

Your employees should have their work supported by the best applications on the market. We do not compromise on quality. Nor should you.”

Ales Bata, Founder and CEO of Beat-IT Inc.

Services we offer

  • Provision and facilitation of licenses
  • Tailoring products to your local market’s needs
  • Volume licensing
  • Licensing option advice
  • Product activation and support
  • Budget overview
  • Easy invoicing
  • Miscellaneous

Licenses we offer

  • Microsoft licenses
  • Adobe licenses
  • AWS
  • Oracle licenses
  • Veeam licenses
  • Azure licenses
  • McAfee licenses
  • And others

Contact us

    Where to find us

    Address: 10 Adams Court – Hingham, MA 02043

    Contact phone: 781-741-0395